JPB bronze graphite plate pads sintered parts manufacturer, JPB bronze graphite plate pads sintered parts manufacturer
7 марта 2017 06:07
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Copper board, self-lubricating skateboarding, metallurgical equipment copper plate
plain bushing or other materials trough or ridge, affordable, fixed, mobile device or equipment and to reduce the friction of a device.Longitudinal grooves on the surface of the guide table STW self-lubrication skateboard or ridge, used to guide, fixed special machine parts, equipment, instruments, etc.Guide is also called the slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for linear PCWPT self-lubrication skateboard reciprocating motion situation, has higher rated load, than the straight line bearing can bear a certain torque at the same time, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion.

Metallurgical equipment refers to the metallurgical industry of the smelting, casting, rolling, handling and packaging used in the process of the JPB bronze graphite plate pads skateboarding all kinds of machinery and equipment.Also known as metallurgical machinery.Metallurgical process is complex, the corresponding characteristics is structure of metallurgical machinery, large, large energy consumption, continuous production, complete equipment.Metallurgical machinery is mostly in the high temperature, corrosion were dusty, overloading and under the condition of continuous work, must satisfy is efficient, reliable, and completely, durable and energy saving requirements.

Bronze, aluminum bronze belongs to high strength heat-resistant stable mechanical properties under high temperature (400 ℃), has good anti-friction property, in the atmosphere, freshwater and seawater corrosion resistance is very good, hot pressure good processability, strengthening heat treatment, welding, brazing, not easily machinability is good.

Bronze casting copper alloy wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, easy processing, good casting performance and air tightness.Used in high load and medium work under the sliding velocity of wear-resisting, corrosion resistant parts such as bearings, bushings, copper cover, liner, sintered bushing, sintered parts, piston and clutch, a gland, and worm gear, etc.Tin bronze copper sleeve is one of the important parts of metallurgical equipment.
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